B&W Athens Photography will open its gates in the winter of 2023

The exhibition and the events will be held at Serafio City of Athens, an easily accessible hall, which will be able to host all the works. B&W Athens Photography is organized by Blank Wall Gallery.

Above: Photographs from the venue the Festival will be realized.





Monday 6 February

Presentation of the history of the techniques and methods of taking B&W photography
Time: 19:00

Mr Vangelis Vasalakis
Photography Teacher

In this seminar, there will be a presentation of the most important methods of recording B&W images from the beginning of Photography until today. Examples from images and cameras will be shown and the various technical problems that each method solved when replacing the previous one, will be discussed.


Tuesday 7 February

Debate: “B&W or Color”
Time: 19:00

Mr Nikos Apostolopoulos organizes an original debate entitled “B&W or Color”. The Lecturer of the Department of Photography & Audiovisual Arts Panagiotis Ilias and the Academic Scholar of the Department Vassilis Kandas will juxtapose their opinions on the best aesthetic approach.

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