431 Photographers from around the World will be exhibited
This year artists from 71 countries will be hosted at the festival


The Three Steps of the Procedure

Submission of Photographs

Submit up to 5 photographs; monochrome, analogue or digital. The submission of photographs is free

Selection of Photographs

After the end of submissions, the photographs that will take part in the exhibition will be selected by Blank Wall Gallery

Exhibition Participation

Only the artists whose work has been selected to be exhibited will be asked to pay the participation fee

Submissions for 2024 are closed
Submissions for 2025 will open soon



You can take part in one of our 16 Categories


It usually refers to a form of photography used to present events or environments significant and relevant to history as well as everyday life.
Photographs are meant to describe unknown, hidden, forbidden, or difficult-to-access places or circumstances.
Documentary photography generally relates to long-term projects with a more complex story line.


People and their expressions have always been an interesting subject for photographers. It is really challenging to try to capture the emotions and the mood of a person in just one shot. It is also always interesting to see what the photographers see on the people they have photographed. This relationship is always interesting to be seen as it is developed through “Portraits”.

Street Photography

Urban environment is the perfect set for Street Photography.
People moving around the city are the subjects of the photographers. Most of the photographs are candid and spontaneous. No one cares if the image is sharp or blurred, colored or black and white. Everything that matters is the atmosphere of the city and the depiction of everyday life.


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