From our co-operation with various artists through Blank Wall Gallery, we realized that B&W Photography, both Digital and Analogue, is becoming more and more appealing to artists. As a matter of fact, there are photographers who only shot in Black & White.
Wishing to support these artists in their effort, we proceed with the organization of B&W Athens Photography, in order to give many artists the opportunity to present their work in Athens.
Throughout the event, apart from the exhibition, where over 430 artists from around the world will take part in, there will be workshops both on taking B&W photographs and on their processing and printing. There will also be workshops on analogue photography, giving new photographers the chance to get to know the materials used, as well as the procedure of processing a Black & White film.
The City of Athens has granted us the premisses of Serafio for the second year in a row, so that we are able to realize the Festival.
We hope we will motivate more photographers to get to know B&W photography and see the potential it hides.

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11361 – Athens – Greece
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